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I was tagged by a certain someone. You know who you are, good sir. I shall be using Raven, my only OC, as the subject of your inquiring. Be warned though....she is not "a ball of sunshine"....

1: Choose any number of your OCs.
2: Make your OC (s) answer these questions.
3: Tag three other people.
4: Add one question of your own.

1. Do you want a hug?

Don't touch me, ever.

2: Are you a virgin?

It's none of your concern, and even if you begged me, I will not tell you. 

3: Do you have any kids?

I hate no. I never will either.

4: Have you killed anyone?


5: Do you hate someone?

My parents because of what they have done to me. I also hate almost everyone in this world. They hate me, too. 

6: Love anyone?

Love does not exist.

7: What is your job?

I write as a passion, but I have no true job.

8: Favorite Season?


9: Who's your best friend?

I have no friends.

10: Any talents or hobbies?

Playing the Guitar
Dark Magic (not evil, but if could be if I wanted it to)

11: What are you going to do once this tag is over?

I do not know.

12: What is your eye color?


13: What's your morality? Good or Bad?

I am not light nor am I darkness. I run within the middle, for one cannot exist without the other. At this rate, I am more "bad" than "good". 

14: What is your greatest fear?

I fear nothing except the demons within my head. 

15: What do you think of your parents?

I hate them, and I want them to die.

16: Any siblings?


17: Was it fun to answer all these questions?


18: How do you feel about your creator?

She's like me for the most part, so I actually like her.

19: Do you have any weakness?

My own demons. 
The hatred of others.

20: If you could have one wish...?

I would wish for my pain to end.

21: Your favorite element?


22: Who is your superior?

No one. 

23: What anime would you switch to for awhile if you could?


24: Sexual Orientation?

None of your fucking business.

25: Do you care what others think of you?

I used to, but now, it means nothing to me.

26: Hi...

*glares and raises a Med-evil dagger*...GO.AWAY.


My "happy pills" if you will. Do not touch them. They are mine and mine alone. 

28: Are you flirtatious?


29: Would you change gender if you could?

No. I am content with being a girl. 

30:+ If you could change your boyfriend's/girlfriend's gender, would you do it

I do not have a boyfriend, nor will I ever. As I said, love does not exist. 


Days Are Numbered by Black Veil Brides

32: If you could re-design yourself, what one thing would you change?

I'm fine as I am. 

33: Do you have a favorite drink?

Mountain Dew Code Red. 

34: If you could be any animal, what would you be?


35: If you could redo your life, what would you change?

I would kill my parents before they had the chance to hurt me as they did. 

36: What do you do when you're bored?

I brood and listen to music.

37: Favorite video games?

There is no favorite, for I am not a gamer. 

38: Have you ever considered a fetish?


39. If you were in an anime who would play your voice?

Amy Lee. 

40. Has there ever been a time where you find yourself lost or confused on what to do in a situation?


41.Do you have any powers or abilities?

Dark Magic.
Knives (for killing those who I hate)

42: What's your favorite type of cake!?


43: Boxers or Briefs?

I am a girl, so neither.

44: What kind of house do you live in?


45. Would you stab a random person on the street?

If they angered me, yes. 

46: Who would you die for?

No one. 

47: How easy would it be to get you into bed with someone else?

I will never do such a thing for anyone. 

48: Have any OTPS?

What are those?

49: If you had to date any fictional character, who would it be???


50: Do you have battle scars?

Many, all which were self-inflicted with my own hands. 

51: Have you ever been in a war?

Yes. It was with the demons within my head. 

52: Would you wear the flag of your country with pride?  

I have no country or flag.

53:Can you swim?

Yes, but I refuse to. 

53: QUICK Favorite color


54:what do you hate about humans most?


55: Do you fight alone or with friends?


57: What singer do you sound the most like?

Amy Lee. 

58: If you had to learn a new language, or be forced into a new culture, What would it be and why? "My question, so no answer is provided."

Latin, for it is a dead language. A new culture......I think I would rather die than be forced to conform. 

59.  What will it take for you to destroy yourself? (My own question to all of you who decide to answer this. My answer:....Little.)

You learned little of me, but it will stay that way. The less you know, the safer you shall be from my demons....


United States

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